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I provide therapy to individuals (18 years and older) looking for support, while seeking to accompany them at any stage of their journey. Therapy is a sacred space where you can carve out time for yourself, and where the events of your life can be held in compassion.

My rate is $155 per session, and sessions are 50-minutes in length. 

I provide in-person therapy (limited spots available on Mondays), and virtual therapy (both video and telephone).

*A free 15-minute consultation is available if you have any questions, and/or want to see if the fit feels good and right for you, as I believe finding a good fit is of utmost importance!


Psychotherapy is currently not included in Ontario health care coverage. However, there are a number of insurance carriers that do provide partial or full coverage. Please be sure to check with your insurance provider to see if you have any coverage. You will receive a receipt from me after each session and when payment has been received.

“Psychotherapy is meditation for two. I am inviting you to slow down enough to be present, at the feeling level, to what you just said and I meet you there, and we talk. Then we are in the stream of transformation."

-James Finley 

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